We are only one amongst the zillion reasons to visit us in Auroville.

The city of dawn mesmerizes us everyday with its out-of-the-world structure, bohemian culture, heavenly nature and utopian stature.

In 2015, we made an important decision of moving to Auroville. It was to have a profound effect on our personal and professional life. We have always felt a need to move out of the hustle-bustle of a city and live out of a remote, serene, and peaceful place. We would escape the madness on even the slimmest of chances for a brief or extended reliefs. While going back into it, we would often ask ourselves lots of ‘what ifs’. What if we could live in a place where there is no long traffic jam? What if we could breath fresh air rather than the polluted smog? What if our eyes could wander the nature and gaze the greens instead of the concrete jungle? What if we could use that extra time to splurge on the family or those long-pending passions? What if we could cycle or walk to work and come back home for lunch? And, what if we could work out of the remote and still sustain a happy life? At last, with our decision to move to Auroville, we could finally answer those haunting ‘what ifs’. Now, we are happier than ever. Ironically, now we make our little trips to the cities and while going back we still have the reminiscence of a ‘what if’. But, now we think, what if everyone could enjoy this bliss and make the most out of life.


A haven for the ones who love art and architecture. Each one of them is a piece of art and put together, it’s an overwhelming experience.


Boiling pot of culture, as family from more than 50 countries and all over India live here. It’s a microcosm of the world.


It’s hard to believe now that this place was barren and dry, barring one banyan tree. With the spirited effort of the pioneering settlers, this place has turned into a magical forest.


It’s a place of renown and reverence, thanks to the effort of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. They have put this remote place on a world map.


This place is sans the inhibitions of the world. Thus, it provides a fertile landscape for passions to be grown into habits, and the compassion flowers into actions.


There are many spirited enterprises, collective cooperatives and innovative practices that mark the inspiring work life of Auroville.


Auroville was constituted by an unique central government act, which dictates how the place is to be governed, politically, economically and demographically.


Auroville imbibes in itself a notion to look forward and see beyond. For there are many initiatives – agriculture, energy, transport – which are futuristic in outlook. The world is slowly catching up with Auroville.

 Come and experience Auroville with us.

Mind you, Auroville is not a tourist place; so do not expect to clear a checklist here. Its more about the way of living here which can only be experienced by staying here for a long period and soaking in the experience. You can stay in any one of the great guesthouses in Auroville and try to absorb as much as you can. We would love to be your ‘guide’ to this awesome place and make your stay memorable.

Assorted list of things to do in Auroville

  1. Matrimandir – a must visit to meditate and find some solace in solitude.
  2. Visitors’ center – a shoppers’ paradise. You will dote on the lovely local products.
  3. Eco village / bamboo center / AVAG – A place to explore the ingenuity of the residents.
  4. Cinema paradiso / Kala Kendra / News and Notes – Catch a movie, theatre or an art exhibition to get involved in the social scene.
  5. Eateries – check out Solar kitchen, bakery, tanto, roma, gelato, marcs, bread and choco, to see what catches your fancy.
  6. Surfing – serenity beach, swimming and sports – for your adventurous self.
  7. Promenade beach + Hidesign – go, check out the high-life of Pondicherry.
  8. Biking – the best means to explore the real Auroville.
  9. Yoga, massage, healing – indulge in some self-pampering
  10. Goubert market, local food and kaapi – catch a glimpse of the local life
  11. Aurobindo ashram / ganesh temple / Heritage walk / boating at oosteri – finally a checklist for those who can’t avoid being a tourist.
  12. THOTIN @ Aurelec – take some time out to talk to us about our expertise, solutions, projects and future prospects.