Top Strategies to Sketch Iconic Logo Design


“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”— Joe Sparano

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Logos are the visual identity of any company or corporation. It doesn’t necessarily sell rather it identifies. A good logo design works as the best story telling device for any stagnant brand or new ownership. It has been stated by experts that great designs are those that are transparent – it represents the values, goals and perspectives of its brand most competently. Truly said – no logo is more relevant than the product it stands for; its meaning needs to be more importantly portrayed.

Trending Logo Designs

To breathe new life into your brand and to ‘grasp’ the changing styles of logo, you need the expertise of any professional logo design company with hands-on-experience in logo designing. The pattern and taste of logo designs has been changing with the platforms of its exposure. For instances, flat log design patterns are trending in the current times as it looks more classic. Most of the brands are following the contemporary solid designs, shunning 3D effects, shadowing or embossing. The ongoing transition is the repercussion of the marketers’ embracement of mobile apps and electronic platforms as an integral part of brand campaign. More and more professional logo design company/companies are recommending the solid logo patterns in two or less colors, the intention being to make it look equally good on mobile as well as when imprinted on any physical collateral.

Shooting Iconic Logo Design

Wonder what’s so difficult in logo designing- they are tiny designs ,but the essence of each and every element including the color, font and pattern speaks volumes about the ‘uniqueness’ of the brand it stands for. When creating a logo, any logo design company, like Thotin, with robust creativity skills, have to follow certain strategies to carve out the finest ‘piece’ for your brand.

Design Briefings/Research and Analysis

Conducting an interview with client to learn their expectation is a relevant part of this job, also research and analysis of the company or entity is a prerequisite of the logo design process. Trending designs with similar profiles must be reviewed as a part of the strategy to get an idea about the generic and current styles.

Sketch Your Imaginations

To develop the logo design and keep it around the concepts of your research, the first thing is to draw a rough sketch either on computer or on paper basis your imaginations. This is the best way to evolve your imagination and the most artistic way adopted by any professional logo design company.

Creative Add-Ons

The various domains of any iconic design must communicate the strategy effortlessly. Its shape or configuration, conceptual weight, placement of objects and perceived movements must qualify the ideas of the designer .Also the color selection must be done logically as every color is capable of communicating specific emotion. Your rightful color choices and its hues can communicate strategic message to your audience.


The professional logo design company/companies insure that they present only their best logo designs to their client. A presentation is the musical enchantment or designer package for any client.

So, keep in mind that only hiring a professional logo design company, like Thotin, could help you get the most meaningful and custom designed logo with a novel appeal.


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