Top Strategies to Score High on your Brand Designs


“A brand is a living entity-and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively overtime, the product of a thousand small gestures.” –Michael Eisner

Truly amazing it sounds, that a brand is something that breathes, grows and is emotionally connected to the community it serves. Yes, it is the feeling that drives the consumers towards your organization. It won’t be wrong either to preach that any investment made on branding, is the most important thing to do by your organization as it yields promising results in the long run.

If we talk about ‘branding’ then you can’t rule out talking about ‘design’, they are inseparable entities. Creativity rules ‘brand image’ and every subsequent add-on design create experiences with your brand.

Every brand design agency works strategic designs for you based on their specific outlook. At Thotin, the focus is to create designs that can make difference to the lives of the people. ’Sustainability’ is the key to the success of any brand, and this experience can be shed abroad in people’s mind only by creative designs as done by thotin, a creative brand design agency.

Pouring the brand essence

Designers need to dig into the chronology, core values and goals of your organization. Also they must try to find out what your brand means to its consumers. For example, while designing a brand for a fountain pen, you truly need to understand its relevance in daily walk of life.

At thotin, one of the best brand design agency, the idea is to strategically create brand ‘blueprint’ at the very outset, as no afterthought or superficial paste-up post creation is acceptable. Research based ideas are early integrated in your brand design and hence there exists no confusion later.

Avoid swanky overdesigns

Overdesigning creates confusions as it is not about being distinct from your competitors but to be better. Great designs are those that do not make you ‘standout’, but that gives a gut feeling that yours is the only solution to the consumer’s queries about a typical range of product or services.

Staying classic

Designers must take care that ‘classic’ are not boring, but spells a memorable and long lasting experience. Like, fashion is dynamic and gets forgotten with time, but style remains intact. The designers at Thotin, the lead brand design agency, believe to create logos, taglines and other designs for you, forgoing the generic trend, like some trendy fonts, color or sketch, but makes things classic so that it last for decades.

Customized appearance

The colors, hues and typography should represent the emotions you want to create in people’s minds. Like, if you want to get them excited or jovial with your ‘range’, and then keep fiery tones in your designs. As a brand is not merely a logo or ‘tagline’, so it must be designed to cover multiple platforms. Like, it must work well in print or as a smartphone app equally well.

As brand design is the ‘face’ of your entity, so you must intend to keep it clear, yet updated and crisp. Remember, a brand design is the ‘gossip’ about you in the town, and they must speak well about you, to sell.


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