Top Priorities of Any Expert Brand Consultant


“As brands become larger, the need to reach greater numbers of customers makes them less edgy and dilutes their unique positioning…….It is therefore not surprising to find such brands go into a few years of decline before they are able to reinvent themselves.”-Nirmalya Kumar

In the burgeoning world of trade and commerce, the process of advertising has undergone tremendous change. The consumers are becoming more concerned about the quality/security of the products/ services on offer in the market. Hence, branding has become one of the most significant initiatives to get any trade/product on roll. Earlier, the advertising agencies were allotted the job of broadcasting the message about any new product/services through their creative agendas, but now brand consultants are the openers of the said portfolio, of which advertising and marketing are merely parts. Unless the consumer has a good ‘impression’ about any brand, it’s hard to convince them about it, by simply displaying it in colorful/attractive packages.

The landscape of the contemporary consumer has changed in the current scenario, with increased and easy social interactions via the social networking technologies. People can’t be merely fed with any idea just by presenting it creatively rather a ‘strong foothold’ needs to be created in the market by building a powerful brand.

Merging insights and strategy

It is most imperative for brand owners to understand at the very outset-where, when and how to direct their assets and spend their time-bound and limited resources. This is when you need to hire a brand consultant to guide you on all strategic matters. It’s not just intrusive advertising campaigns and messages you need to deliver to your target audience, but a ‘promise’ to fulfill their interests. So it’s only an expert brand consultant, who can bridge the gap by revealing deeper insights for you and your patrons. ‘Transparency’ in your brand’s strategy could upkeep the faith of your customers, and hence your advertising message can penetrate deeper into their minds. The best of brand consultants, like Thotin, gives utmost priority to research and analysis to get a hold of the insider and then goes for a look out of brand creation.

Integrating capabilities

For the success of any organization/brand the vivid capabilities must be equally harnessed. So, growth enabling capacities like strategic marketing, innovative ad campaign launch, digital outlook, and creative designing must be integrated soulfully to get best results. Remember, it is hard to re-invent any existing brand so a good brand consultant must include every plan at the very outset.

Preparing a brand blueprint

A brand consultant is the one, who needs to prepare a blue print having a holistic approach. It must cover all key elements of the brand –right from the strategies implemented in recruitment advertising to customer facing departments. The target must be improving every aspect –research, sales, supply, public relation, customer relations, brand equity and other customer retention strategies.

Profitability not competition

A brand consultant must position its interest in on profits for the company/organization. No intuitive competition policy is to be worked out initially, except awareness about the competing brands. The focus must be to establish a strong ‘brand image’ and it will automatically survive the huge market competition.

Thotin, a brand consultant with great experiences, can definitely deliver unique branding solutions. Remember, it needs in-class thinkers and practitioners to build your brand’s future.


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