Top 5 Productive NGO Fund Raising Strategy

Top 5 Productive NGO Fund Raising Strategy

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.” -Francis of Assisi

NGOs are diverse group of non-profit organizations that may be engaged in a wide range of social, religious or charitable activities. They are primarily funded by government and other NGO funding agencies like corporate or business houses or private persons, who are aware of their social responsibility. As the purpose, goals and perspectives of NGOs vary, so do the ideologies of the various NGO funding agencies, as most of them prefer a specific interest. For instance, a philanthropist group would prefer donating fund to a charitable NGO working for the upliftment of the poor and marginalized sections of the society. But the prerequisite for fetching funds from any donor group is to be eligible for it, by showcasing a wide visibility in the sphere of their activity and paramount credibility in working in their specified work domain.

What are the strategies that could help in fund raising?

For any NGO it is far more important to utilize their energy and lend their focus in implementation of their projects rather than wasting themselves in fund raising.

Some strategies could be worked out at the very outset, that could make an NGO appear presentable, and more goal oriented.

Preparing a portfolio

The basic interest of NGO funding agencies is to help in any social or religious cause and/or newer entrepreneurship. The funding are mostly FCRA based, by foreign bodies or government funding for any project. But they always want to do a background check if the NGO has been an existing one, or see the mode of work, inspiration, motives and perspectives ,in case of a newer project or initiative. So, creative experts may be hired to work out your portfolio.

Planning and implementation

Before presenting your project proposal before the NGO funding agencies, do an audit with your various principalities and volunteers, so that all appear on the same page. Set your priorities; cultivate multiple revenue streams so that if one doesn’t work the other one would certainly do.

Market research

Corporate Fund Raising has been a part of many corporate houses and they are intimately connected to several NGOs. Any NGO must keep a track of all such sources as they may be a potential benefactor owing to their agenda of corporate social responsibility.

NGO fund raising consultancy

NGO funding agencies have some criteria that must technically be fulfilled vehemently. Consultants in fund raising could provide an NGO with in depth solution to all of the funding techniques right from its nascent stage. The professionals will ensure that the NGOs get the funds effortlessly. They provide complete assistance from documentation to legal support.

Social media Activity

Social Networking is a viable tool as it helps an NGO to strengthen their community foothold, boost its knowledge base and helps in sharing information and experiences with their allies and other partners in field.

Make your grass root level reach its zenith with the aim of social welfare!


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