Success- the gap between you & your competition


Whenever ‘Success’ & ‘Competition’ are used together, Shiv Khera’s words- “Never in the history of mankind has it been so easy to succeed like it is today, regardless of our profession, we have no competition” are worth being remembered.

His powerful philosophy (Becoming the Competition) is based upon the fact that when we deliver more, or even a little bit more than what we are getting paid for, we leave our competition far behind. And thinking about it logically, it holds true in every aspect & every kind of business; it’s just that we don’t realise it. As customers ourselves to any service- major or minor, we always prefer companies which go out of the way to serve us better, hotels that show supreme levels of hospitality and even people who keenly listen to us. We as contented customers are the biggest example of the fact that we would prefer going back to those companies/hotels/people instead of their competitors. So what stops us from delivering the same value to our customers when we are in that place!

Services, Consulting, Training and related organizations have a significant advantage operating with this mindset. Due to the fact that the people involved in these industries don’t sell anything tangible, the monetary benefits are directly related to the kind of skills, domain expertise and even the personality traits possessed by them. Therefore, it becomes easier to do more for clients because all you need to do is show a little more care, concern and detailing while undertaking their assignment. Above all it’s impossible to “extinguish” your skill reservoir if you serve your clients better, in fact the more you do for them, the more your skills improve and better equipped you become to handle upcoming projects.

Inertia exists everywhere, even while walking the extra mile for someone, but when you do it a few times, it will become the normal way of being. And don’t worry about money and recognition, they will automatically flow.


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