SOS Annual Report 2012


The annual report of SOS Children’s Villages of India for the year 2012 has been designed in tandem with the theme that signifies a blooming rose in the desert. There is hardly any vegetation in the desert and to think of a blooming rose in that habitat would be almost unimaginable. The report design puts across the desert as an analogy for the environment in which homeless, orphaned children are destined to live. The efforts made by SOS is like a blossoming of a flower have caused even the desert to yield flowers.
To signify the desert, the color of sand dunes i.e. beige has been used all across the report pages. Deliberately, the pages have been designed in wavy shapes to depict the dunes. These elements combined give the report a desert-like background.

A rose blooming even in unfavorable conditions has been signified through the icons put next to all headings and sub-headings.
This design is reflective of both the visualization as well as achievement of growth through sustained nurturing support of SOS.


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