We search for ways to align your purpose with your pursuit

Any wise strategy involves aligning thoughts, actions, and resources. We begin by aligning aspirations, possibilities, and realities.

Any new venture comes laden with opportunities and challenges. It takes enormous courage and conviction to begin pursuing the venture. However, simply beginning is not enough. You need to clearly chart the purpose of your organisation. Anyone agreeing to join your venture and working with you towards your dream needs to be equally completely clear and convinced of the purpose, which can be further defined as having a grand vision and, subsequently, missions in which to achieve this vision. Additionally, defining a priori your values and principles helps others understand the personality of your organisation. The vision and mission statement need to be further limited, to periodic, intangible goals and tangible objectives. Your offerings need to be aligned accordingly too.


Discovering Your Vision and Mission

Before we get into executing any major plans or even begin deliberations, the foremost task is to understand thoroughly your vision. What is the big idea you are pursuing and why do you want to pursue it? The ‘why’ is the most pertinent part of our exercise. This is the root from which many ideas will sprout and flower in due time. If the foundation remains wanting in any respect, the structure surmounting it will continue to be unstable, irrespective of its size and growth.

Defining Your Values and Dharma

Being a value-conscious company ourselves, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of possessing positive personality traits, and of pre-determining your organisation’s value systems as inspired by the leadership. This in turn becomes a set of tangible ‘do’s and don’ts’ by which the team members need to abide. During difficult times, these values become the guiding light using which you can sift through the courses of action available to you.


Setting Your Goals and Objectives

Having a clearly stated vision and mission statement provides a great foundtain for long-term growth and success. However, you also need directives to accomplish over the shorter term. You need to lay out the small steps that will steadily lead you towards your desired larger aspiration. This is where a goal setting exercise comes in handy, and helps you List all the medium to short-term goals that will eventually make you win. Think of them as smaller battles within a great war. Your goals though will still remain intangible. You further need to break it down into tangible SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound – objectives.

Orienting Your Services and Offerings

The final step in purpose alignment is the orientation of your services and offerings towards achieving your goals and objectives. The service or product that you offer must have the potential to fulfil your purpose. This exercise will help you clear the clutter and focus on the most relevant or purposeful action you can take towards achieving your goals. Undertaking this exercise will also help streamline and prioritise your endeavours.


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