Film Production

We creatively shoot on film and ensure your superstardom

 When it comes to capturing an idea within a frame and at the right time, we can put it on record efficiently and effectively.

We believe in the power of storytelling, and audiovisuals are the ultimate tool in our communication kit. Involving double the sensory perception, the impact too is twice as much. Film is a blanket term we use for any work done with a camera or in capturing motion – even if no longer actually shot on celluloid anymore. For any organization, audiovisuals offer a great boon to its communication capabilities. . A video can convey a higher degree of authenticity and honesty that no thick report can match. Films can be made to suit various purposes and contexts. They may range from documentaries, profile films, fundraising shorts, ad films, campaign pitches, project recordings, interviews, testimonials, animations, motion-graphics, and training films. Although films may seem to require a large initial investment, the impact and longevity of the return far outweigh this cost.


Bringing a story to life

The story is brought to life when we start to put it in black and white. As with every other activity, pre-planning is paramount for us. We literally play the film over and over in our mind before actually filming it. We keep a check on its feasibility and practicality. A great script always ensures savings in terms of energy, money and time. Again the 7Cs of our communication philosophy are the guiding force for any script we write.

Lights, Sound and Camera!

We are slightly obsessive about perfection, and we go lengths to accomplish it. In a good film, you don’t generally notice the technical aspects. Your attention is captivated by the story. A glitch in the camera movement, sound or lighting breaks your focus diverts attention on to itself. We focus on keeping distractions far away from a good story. Our strength is in directing to deliver, using minimal resources.


We intend on placing you at the cutting edge

It is often said that great films are made on the editing table. We believe in this -that diamonds will not become diamonds without expert polishing. Editing adds a dimension to films and, thereby, the shine. Hooking the audience and maintaining their interest throughout the film is a vital goal for good storytelling. Our post-processing techniques are all about sharpening the hook and doing away with the faff and self-indulgence. We take pride in keeping things simple and relevant.

Frozen in time

Pictures are powerful, whether or not in motion. For most practical purposes, a moving image is sufficient to support communication endeavours. In any sector, photography is often the most neglected aspect despite its immense potential and significance in terms of capturing the audience’s imagination. It is often conducted in a haphazard manner with complete disregard to its quality and influence on the brand’s image. In the assignments we undertake, we pay meticulous attention to the emotion, composing, lighting, framing, resolution, and branding.


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