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The word event is an umbrella term, encompassing a wide range of activities from small get-togethers or workshops to full-scale, multi-day celebrations. Events provide organisations a few rare occasions where they can interact with their target audiences face to face. They are therefore special for everyone involved. An event should be worth remembering, should leave an everlasting impression. An event can also be an important milestone in your communication calendar. We usually leverage this opportunity to generate conversations and create a 360-degree lead-up to the day of the event. Even after the conclusion of the event, we keep the buzz going for a while. We can manage your pre-existing event schedule, corporate communications or create a new one for you to mark important celebrations. We can also curate event properties per your requirements which you can leverage from time to time.


We can counter the crucial count down

Any event is usually part of a broader communication outlook. Thus, while we prepare for it, we try to maintain perspective with other efforts, and ensure it remains part of the larger branding exercise. The content and aesthetics are carefully chosen to never divert from the branding. We also look to generate maximum buzz during the lead-up, both digitally and offline. We support you onstage and backstage, at our much appreciated levels of quality.

Everything set, before the curtain goes up

Meeting deadlines is crucial when planning for an event. Changing gears as per the situation and keeping one’s calm is vital to organizing an event successfully. Any glitch can tend to snowball or have a cascading effect. We are known to be thorough in our preparation and strong-willed in implementation, and not given to frivolity. Our experience in successfully managing events has given us the confidence to handle any situation smoothly.


The magic continues…

The benefits of an event can be harnessed well long after its culmination. In communication terms, there are many leverages to be extracted, provided the event was planned well in advance. Publishing reports, recordings, testimonials, opinions, interviews, etc. – online and offline – are some key post-event activities. By carrying the magic forward, a far greater audience can be reached, well beyond the actual number of attendees at the event.

We go beyond conventions

As our work is not based on a template, we do not think of event modalities in any strict sense. We are open to explore and experiment newer ways of doing things. Events can be held in a more informal or ad hoc setting as well – we are not afraid to tread uncharted paths. We can also manage events within financial constraints or matching creative compulsions. Thinking in or out of the box to get the job done is our philosophy.


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