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We treat content like a king and accord it a novel ensign

Even if you are doing great work as a brand, you need the right partner to help you put your messaging in perspective.

Creating captivating content is no longer a matter of choice. In a perform or perish world, publishing the details of your performance as a brand has become mandatory. Moreover, the content you generate can be a powerful tool that can add depth to your arsenal of communications. The pen, it is said, is mightier than the sword. Indeed, it can move people to perform great deeds. Content, however, is not just about the written word. It is also about the spoken and the unsaid. Even when you are not actually communicating, you might still just share content. Being such a fundamental requirement, content demands attention and importance, and must be approached appropriately.


Build from scratch or deal with the data stash

At THOTIN, we are comfortable taking both these approaches. Sometimes, we have been briefed to create a report beginning from nothing. We had to collect notes and anecdotes from the field, conduct interviews, review other published materials, and thence compile the report. On other occasions we have also been given loads of material through which to scan for merely a page of content. Whichever our starting point, we work with a plan and focus that enables us to produce fresh, engaging content.

Refine and define

We often take up assignments wherein our job is that of an editing supervisor. We may neither create nor negate, we only realign or repackage the content to serve the current context. We make sure there is perfect clarity, simplicity, and crispness in the messaging. We also look to fix inconsistencies in messaging, language, and tone. We also take it upon ourselves to check if the content is considerate towards its audience and, most importantly, not offensive in any way.


Say more with less and repeat the old with newer means

On occasions when it is not about what you convey in your message, but about how you convey, you may have to employ creative means to that effect. Alternatively, there may be reason to package the regular message into a more interesting format or a new manner to grab more attention. To achieve this, one may have to use a lateral or metaphorical approach, which is our favourite part of content creation and one we execute with ease and finesse. Our experience in creative advertising comes into play and ensures we deliver as desired.

Once upon a time…

Storytelling is an art form. With proper style, even the simplest of stories can become fascinating. For organisations, it is imperative to tell stories in a passionate, moving manner. Mere numbers and cold facts cannot replace the power of a sympathetic humane story. Human beings react and respond to the plight of other human beings. Emotionally, a story can influence the audience to become better people.


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