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Communication is a complex process. As with one-to-one communication, it is not only about speaking, but also about listening. Moreover, it is not always about spoken words – gestures often play a part in conveying additional meaning. Organisations act like organisms at a larger scale. It is not only about disseminating information but also about gathering intel to diagnose the pulse of an audience and understand their behaviour thoroughly. Communication needs to be continuous. Conversations must be established to engage the audience consistently. This has to be done across all audience sections in order to ensure everyone is equally well informed. Even the best strategy for a communication process may yield no results – and even backfire – if the execution is poor. THOTIN’s solutions are based on our own effective, proven 7Cs of Strategic Communication. These are the determining factors in all our strategies and the implementation thereof. To borrow a metaphor from chess, if content is king, then context is the all powerful queen. Extending the metaphor, the remaining Cs are the royal offspring.



Content is everything, and without content there is nothing to communicate. Well-composed content wins hands down in any messaging contest. Without delivering concrete information concisely, focused communication can be difficult to establish. Whatever channel we choose to communicate your cause, the emphasis is always on gathering complete information and presenting it in an easy to comprehend, non-technical manner.


Context completes the message by delivering what cannot be stated explicitly in the content. While communicating for brands, context plays an even more prominent role. Everything we say is set within a larger meaning. The context can explain the circumstances which form the setting for an event, statement, or an idea, and in terms of which the same can be fully understood. Our extensive experience in organisational communication helps us understand your context precisely and build out the communication accurately.



Before venturing into any campaign, it is indispensible to have complete clarity of what needs to be communicated and how. One must be clear about the vision and mission of the campaign. Clarity also involves knowing your audience intimately. If you are clear about your end goal and audience, we can craft the message lucidly yet impactfully; further, our communication channels can help you win with conviction. Great ideas never warrant complex analyses, nor do they require the audience to make many assumptions.


What can be said in a few words need not be given the treatment of a full-length speech. Brevity ensures that any communication effort keeps the audience’s attention engaged. Being concise is not so much a matter of choice anymore – It is a necessity given how today’s media and Internet are prolific in flooding audiences with messages. Being crisp and clear in your communication is thus to your and your audience’s benefit.



The message and its language must be consistent across all channels. When one looks at the communication suite in its entirety, the messaging must be coherent and logical. Consistency connotes a ring of truth and ensures that organisations are always perceived to be honest in their communication. Our comprehensive handling can help you maintain the continuity of your thought as translated into your messaging and connect the various channels of communication.


We believe that, no matter what one’s sector, one needs to considerate and sensitive towards the audience’s emotional quotient. The content must be courteous in addressing the subject as well as the campaign, while remaining neutral in terms of perspective and inclusive in its viewpoint. We believe that communication should also be considerate towards the planet and kind to the people, even while pursuing prosperity.



Lastly but most importantly, every conversation must have a direction. Meandering messaging can end up a futile effort. Along with clarity of vision, every communication endeavour must have a defined call to action. If your audience is perfectly receptive to your message, but your communication did not culminate in a desired action, you have effectively wasted an opportunity to win over your audience. Simultaneously, the concerted effort of all the channels should have a point of convergence.


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