SEEDS CRC Brochure


This is an introductory brochure designed for the Citizen Resource Centre built in Andaman Nicobar Islands after the region went through the trauma of tsunami.

Cover page of the brochure has brown and blue colors in prominence. There is a well-designed graphical representation of sea waves going out of control. Juxtaposed are a lighthouse and symbolic climbing stairs to reach higher grounds. It is a minimalistic approach towards graphic designing aimed at spreading the message that with awareness and knowledge, disasters can be effectively managed.

Illustration of a smiling boy, in different postures and animated gestures, has been used all across the brochure. This illustration of a boy serves as a mascot for the Citizen Learning Centre. Comprising of bright colors and informal fonts, the brochure has a light overall tone as against heavy educational material which might bore the readers fast. The resource centre has been built to serve as an informative community centre. Accordingly, this brochure gives info about all that is available at the centre namely, the emergency kit, knowledge of risky areas, good practices to be followed and other trivia. It serves the purpose of attracting general public to CRC and making them learn the most that they can about disaster management.

The project was supported by Dan Church Aid, International Strategy of Disaster Reduction and, Friedrich Ebert Stitung.


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