RDT Event Press Note


The birthday of Late Father Vicente Ferrer, founder of the Rural Development Trust, is celebrated at various locations across Ananthapuram on 9th April every year. Being a highly-respected individual for his humanitarian work, the local media also covers the events and the people involve themselves at every possible level.

RDT asked THOTIN to create a press note to be published in all major newspapers informing people about the various events and their locations. As the main purpose of the note was only to give out information related to time and locations, we preferred not to distract the readers with anything like images or design elements and kept the design fairly simple and straight forward. We focused on keeping the content crisp and systematic and presented the schedule in an orderly manner.

Like it is said- “Never underestimate the power of simplicity”; people from all walks attended the celebrations at their nearest locations and it was also declared that the SEVA HUNDI initiative had raised crores of rupees for educating poor children.


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