Practical Guidelines to Establish A Strong Brand Identity

Practical Guidelines to Establish A Strong Brand Identity

“Too many companies want their brands to reflect some idealized, perfected image of themselves. As a consequence their brands acquire no texture, no character.”-Richard Branson

Every business has an impending overview about the ’debut’ of their brand in the market. How any organization or business wants its brand’s portfolio, visual elements and style of communication to be perceived actually, makes for its brand identity. As a business/organization or its planners only makes its brand identity, so they must formulate the best brand identity fundamentals at the ‘induction’ stage itself. Best positioning ,formulating brand culture, vision and relationship modes and above all an impressive brand ‘persona’-the factors that eventually carve out the brand identity or concept.

If a business or organization is already launched in the market , then there remains no room for recreating brand identity as the consumers form a mind-set about it ,the so called ‘brand image’ is developed.

Brand identity vs brand image

According to market experts, your brand ultimate success could be measured in terms of the gap between brand identity and brand image. If there exists a negative gap, then it means your brand strategy has been a failure or your company is out of touch with market sentiment. This is a disastrous point as it makes selling your product/solution difficult. The brand ‘image’ once formed could not be altered, it’s held by consumers and could probably reach a point at which a business or product has to rebrand itself or risk its sales.

Strategies to create a killer brand identity


Before you attempt to create your brand identity you need to explore your company’s clear purpose and market position. Its strengths are its overwhelming advantages over its competitors. Also a look out for its futuristic impact is necessary. If there are any elements of trouble for your business project, don’t turn a blind eye towards it.

Determine your customized Brand Identity

This is a long process and you need detailed discussions with the policy makers and marketers in this regard. Everyone under the roof must agree with the set goals, personality and brand emotions you want to build up.You must develop statements for vision, mission, personality and essence of your brand.

Value Proposition

Create a strong statement defining the unique values of your product. This value statement defines your product/service category and the audience it intends to serve. This is necessary so that you hit the bull’s eye or your brand is rightfully positioned in the market.

Marketing your brand identity

Translating Your Brand Identity into Actual Marketing is a real challenge. This is when your advertising and creativity works for your incorporation in the market strata. A creative team of professional could organize an advertising campaign for you through multiple channels. But do not forget to hand over the ‘identity’ brief to the creative agency who works for promoting your brand. It concisely provides the direction or guidelines for creative vent out and makes sure that everyone are on the same page before any resource is expended.

As creating your brand identity is much like presenting a gift with the best package, so make sure it’s impressive. Only professional with hands on experience, like Thotin, can create the best styled wrapping for your brand’s gift. It shows the compassion and understanding you share with your customers!


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