» World Oil & Gas Assembly Conference

World Oil & Gas Assembly (WOGA) is an initiative of NHST group that holds exclusive conclave that invites only a select group of industry leaders, policy makers, thinkers and strategists from world over. The leaders discuss and address issues of critical relevance based on oil and gas and its futuristic aspects.

THOTIN took the lead in event concept design for the 4th edition of WOGA held at Leela Kempinski hotel in Bangalore, 2009.The interactive sessions were intended to be casual and so needed a warm, congenial atmosphere with a grand and classy layout.

The event design blueprint for the interiors of the conference hall was envisaged after studying the existing space. The contrasting background design was resultant of the R&D initiatives. A 3D model was designed initially to visualize the actual output post installation. The effort of the creative personnel and exemplary event branding were widely appreciated and gained media visibility later on. The welcome desk, register desk were covered in white and the symmetric seat arrangements showcased the professionalism of the meet.

The WOGA typeface with the symbolic graphic incorporated into it all relates to its grand brand value. A participant kit was also created for the conference that included agenda brochure , profile brochure and folders . Other add-on was the name tags of the dignitaries present in the event that included all oil and gas leaders across the world.