Oxfam India Pocket Brochure – I AM AN OXFAMER


Apart from undertaking humanitarian work in different areas, our client Oxfam India also empowers people to become advocates of change and transform their own society. The ‘I am an Oxfamer’ brochure was meant to give due recognition to those people and also to act as a descriptive piece of information for prospective corporate partners.

The challenge was to cover up the details about Oxfam’s past and present in a single, limited sized brochure. Therefore, we created a multi-fold brochure that included Oxfam’s rich history of humanitarian service in India, a timeline consisting of all their major contributions, and each leaf on the opposite side dedicated to one Oxfamer.

Two versions of the brochure were created- a bigger one to present the history, major interventions and the recognized Oxfamers. A smaller version (pocket version) was also created giving a brief description about the work of the Oxfamers, brief history of Oxfam India and a short note about the different avenues in which they work.


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