Oxfam Fundraising E-mailer- Onam Festival



Taking a step forward in the relationship that our client Oxfam India maintains with its donors, they intended to send festival wishes in the form of e-mailers on major national festivals.

The challenge was to encourage their donors to make the under-privileged, a part of their celebration. Also, amongst so many festive wishes flooding the donors’ inboxes, this particular e-mailer should have some sort of uniqueness associated with it.

Responding to this requirement, THOTIN took a poetic routie to create the e-mailer content extending the festive mood. The poetry not only had the wishes for an auspicious occasion, but also mentioned about some beneficiaries whose lives Oxfam had touched due to the constant support of their donors, thereby, encouraging them to make contributions towards enlightening someone’s festival. The communication team at Oxfam really liked the idea which was further supported by the higher management of the organization and thus continued for all the festive mailers through-out the year.


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