Oxfam Fundraising Brochure


The target audience for OXFAM’s donation seeking brochure were individuals. It was used for door to door marketing to raise funds.

The brochure comprises of the brochure jacket with four leaflets inside that cover all the thematic areas where OXFAM works. The areas of Oxfam’s work are women empowerment, livelihood protection, health and education for all and, disaster management as well as prevention.
Under each key area, are given case studies as well as Oxfam interventions from across the country. “ONE YOU” as a phenomenal symbol stands out in a sticky-note form, urging individuals to donate and thus contribute to the cause.

Primary design elements used in the brochure are photographs of underprivileged women and children who have now begun to lead somewhat dignified lives with the help of Oxfam. The brochure projects happily employed people. These images show Oxfam’s work at the grass root level. Bright colors like green and yellow were used. Green represents the primary color of Oxfam, while yellow indicates hope, brightness and cheerfulness.


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