Not-for-profits will profit this january!


Fresh and bright ideas for New Year souvenirs from
Thotin, so your patrons and donors can stay motivated.

Why send only a greeting that will get less than a minute’s notice when you have an opportunity to gift something that will be a year-long reminder? New Year is an excellent time to be appreciated for all the work you do, and for the smart token you can offer all your valued associates.

At Thotin, we believe you don’t have to browse a typical gift catalog to do that. Instead speak to us and we’ll come up with a unique, cost-effective concept that will connect well with your cause and your audience of well-wishers. It can take the shape of an innovative souvenir, a specially themed diary, a customised design for a desk item – anything which carries a message or proves to be practical use.

Get in touch right away so we will have time to ideate and produce one for you in time for the New Year.


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