NIOS Education Brochure


This brochure design was done for the National Institute of Open Schooling to specifically promote girl child education.

Here, the most remarkable and attractive feature is the unique shape. The four-fold brochure comprises of both rectangular as well as oval shapes. As a base, gradient of yellow and green has been given. Apart from the designed placement of relevant text, silhouettes of young girls in different actions is also vividly used. The girls are seen holding a book, being surrounded by books, attempting to catch hold of books with a net, etc. All these drawings are indicative of what these children actually want, but are deprived of.

In one of the drawings, a girl child is crying out and beckoning a book to come closer. It shows her yearning to explore the world through education. Certain postures reflect happiness at getting an opportunity to study. It is sheer elation and a marked hope to reach the sky.

Despite being in a hue not very different from the base, the graphics stand out due to design effects like shadow and outline. In contrast, books everywhere have been portrayed in stark white.


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