NFI Northeast Report


The cover page of NFI North East Report has three horizontal strips which showcase the three organizations that worked in collaboration with NFI. Together, they all have worked successfully at the grass root level in North Eastern India, a region which has been notoriously famous for the civil unrest and unstable governance.

The stripes containing photos and graphic design elements are an essential part of the cover design. The same stripes continue to run through the back side of cover. There is a prominence of green color which is reflected right across the report. It gives a sort of continuation of the cover page design.

The diagonal graphic stripes represent hilly region where this project was executed. Images of the local areas have also been diagonally cut and placed. All across the report pages, the visuals i.e. the images and graphics are placed in the same slanting format. This is how it stands out attractively while not disturbing the actual text content. Speaking of the colors used, green represents vegetation, greenery, freshness and mountains. The other prominent color yellow represents the spirit of new beginnings.


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