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With increasing number of companies & talented professionals, the business world is more competitive than ever. Right from the giants to the small & medium level enterprises; everyone is fighting for the customer’s attention and is intending to leave an impression on them. In this scenario, businesses can’t afford to miss even the smallest chance of making some space in the customer’s mind and a good way to do this is to create a unique and creative logo.

Considering our personal experience, when we design logos for clients, the first question we always ask is- “What do you want to convey?” In all cases we recommend to design the logo in such a manner that it reflects the core ideology and unique identity of the business.

Generalisation is something which must be avoided at all costs. For example- While designing a logo for an educational institution, focus should not only be upon the aspect of presenting knowledge & wisdom through it, but should also be on the ‘Type of institute’ it is- Technical, Management or Creative. Besides conveying a clear message, this approach also serves the purpose of the logo being highly specific. Remember- all the attributes of a logo, right from its shape to even the number of edges intentionally or unintentionally convey something.

Some businesses unfortunately do not give enough importance to logos before officially entering the market; thinking- “Who anyways would bother about it?”. Point taken, prospective clients might not deliberately perform research and analysis on a logo but sub consciously, it can make a massive impact on the impression they would create. A well designed, well-structured logo reflects professionalism, seriousness towards the business that a company undertakes & above all, the quality expected to be delivered.

Looking at the global scenario, it seems that market competition is going to increase further. But the good part is, as the competition increases, so do the opportunities but only if we as companies are creative enough to distinguish ourselves from the crowd.

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