Lessons That Matter


“Lessons That Matter” is a booklet describing the lessons leant and experiences earned during disaster management when India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia were strongly hit by the disasterous tsunami. It also contains tips to be followed and other knowledge material that can make people better equipped to manage similar situations in future.

Though in essentiality this is a report of work done by FOA in the three worst hit countries, yet it has been put across as a learning manual for all and any to benefit from.

The font used in manual title is relevant to educative material and so is the glyph of a folded paper sheet used next to it. The cover page shows a quiet sea and a child playing cricket on the seashore. This image indicates a restored life in the affected regions. This photograph projects natural elements and the colors blue, brown and white come across very brightly.

On the pages inside too, graphics like page headers, topic titles, glyphs, etc. have been made using the same colors.


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