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If you are looking for an expert to tell your story better, engage with a wider audience, and woo audiences to become your fans , look no further.

Communicating what you do is as important as the work you do. Propagating your mission, again, is a partly ‘art’ and partly ‘science’ – although messaging may encompass a systematic structure and may necessitate the use of a definite channel, it is often about informed intuition, given that audience behavior is highly speculative. The end result will always remain somewhat unpredictable, limited only to educated forecasts. You therefore need a trusted expert with whom to partner and triumph over this challenge. Here are some reasons why THOTIN is the right partner for your strategic communication endeavours.



Our communication plans are action-oriented and tailormade to achieve the long-term or overall objective of your organization. Using the game of chess as an analogy for our communications plan, our moves reflect long-term thinking, and a multipronged approach, not necessarily seeking immediate results. We play to your strengths and we help you win.


People respond to stories as they are empathetic towards human conditions. Rhetorical flourishes and sales pitches may not always cut ice with your audience, already bombarded as they are with advertising from everywhere. Communication should preferably involve conversations. Only by engaging them creatively can we expect our audience to take notice of us, and respond, react, or act as we desire. The aesthetics of your messaging are thus not mere embellishments – they ensure you stand out above your peers.



We pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop. We plan and/or implement as per your plan. We practice what we preach, and our strategies are based on ground realities. We know the hurdles and understand the challenges. Our solutions are tailor-made to cater to the full spectrum of communication requirements for any organization. This ensures a great deal of consistency in our work across multiple channels.


By virtue of the knowledge and experience that we have garnered over many years, we are able to mould ourselves to the dimensions of various sectors. We have worked with organisations of varied sizes and met multiple requirements flexibly. In doing so, we’ve engaged with many talented and motivated individuals – we owe our success to them. Even when we have ‘been there done that’ we start with the proverbial clean slate. We believe every new job is a new challenge, in new circumstances, and gives us the chance to hone our expertise further.



We have a knack for capturing, cultivating and utilizing ideas, which we have fine-tuned into a drill.

We have a method to our communication madness without which we would not be as consistent as we are.

When you need a job done, you would want it done in the best possible manner. Casual work is easy but amateurish: doing anything exactly, repeatedly, robustly involves hard work, persistence, originality, and competence.These require a professional touch. THOTIN is well-known and muchly appreciated for its nuanced approach to professionalism. Every typical project in our custody usually goes through our simple-to-understand yet rigorous workflow before its sees the light of day.


Lets collaborate to make you win!

We make space for all strategic and creative endeavours. In every case, we collaborate deeply to build lasting relationships.

We come packed with leadership abilities as well as the spirit of a team player. We are quick in grasping the bigger picture and understanding intricacies. We are result oriented and adept at finding the most optimum and surest route to success. We are highly flexible in our approach and greatly resilience when in crunch situations and facing high-octane deadlines.

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