January is the month for resolutions.


Resolve to reach out better in 2015. At Thotin, we are all set to serve you.

It’s a common plaint that many NGOs don’t get enough mileage out of their communications – too often it’s not planned well enough, or really executed in a creative way. The commonest excuses are about time and budget.

But if you want to change some of this, or even all of this in 2015, speak to us. Our commitment is to make your communications really work for you – to muster support for your cause, to create goodwill, to spread your reputation, to draw attention to your achievements and to attract more donations.

We bring the meticulous planning, the creativity in execution and the commitment to effectiveness. Sure, you’ve heard similar promises before, but you want to see them delivered on, and starting soon, you should get in touch – and we will do exactly we have said here – that’s our renewed resolution for 2015!

So let’s make a resolution soon – together!


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