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The Power Sector and heavy industry is going to transform after the Corona crisis, use the power of communication to start, sustain or scale today.

We’re glaring at an unprecedented crisis and only creativity and ingenuity can help us come out of this unscathed and successful. As your direct interactions externally and internally have come to a naught and meetings distanced, you can use the power of integrated communication to stay connected and even use it to your advantage and succeed.THOTIN can help you align with your purpose, analyse different factors and roll out a tactical communication plan. We help you creatively establish yourself as a unique brand, craft contextual content and design to present you in a powerful manner. We provide comprehensive turnkey solutions to your digital, film and event related needs. During these difficult times, you need a team which works seamlessly with your work-from-home internal team and gets the job done conveniently without much back and forths. You need someone like us, who understands your sector well and can help you leverage the power of communication to your advantage. 

Power of Communication

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9 Communication mantras to generate transformation in the Electrical Machinery Sector during the covid times!

We offer the assorted list of things you should be doing to succeed during these difficult times. Businesses are slump, production has taken a hit, teams are dispersed and it is time to get communication to rescue the situation. The power of communication will help you communicate with your clients, connect the production dots, and convince the teams to keep the morale high. Use these tips to empower yourself.

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The power of business development

During this Corona Crisis, China’s reputation has taken a major hit and the world is looking for an alternative. India is a viable choice for many big players, given our country’s technological prowess and availability of labour. This is a great time to avail of the opportunity. Use the power of communication to reach your target audience and express your aspirations, abilities, and advantages. This is the time to be out there and capture the market share. If it is not possible to do physically, go virtual. 

The power of lobbying

Having a brand voice is great but it needs to be understood. When you intend to grow, any rigidity in your approach can become a roadblock. Taking a fluid attitude towards adapting to new markets and facing varied competition is the best approach. You will need to gauge any disconnect as a reason for concern and something to be avoided. Ideally, you will need a partner who can research the new environment and suggest apposite changes.


The power of employee engagement

When you are working with new connections, a feeling of being out of your comfort zone can be expected. Critically, in terms of communication, this is the stage wherein you are re-establishing your reputation and any internal discrepancy can be blown out of proportion. It is therefore imperative that you establish a good connection with your team, peers, and along the supply chain which in turn can translate into a good rapport with your new customer base.

The power of production

Expansion can be overwhelming; it helps to have milestones for checks and balances established right at the beginning. This can both keep you motivated as well as grounded in the reality of your progress. It also institutes a transparent system of measuring and evaluating progress, making it easier to detect and fix any course deviations. In today’s agile times, organisations are defined by their flexibility in gauging and correcting the course of their expansion.


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We come packed with strategic abilities as well as the spirit of a storyteller. We provide turnkey solutions and thus put our money where our mouth is. We are quick in grasping the bigger picture of the heavy machine industry and understanding the intricacies of the power corridor. We are result-oriented and adept at finding the most optimum and surest route to success. 

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