The Importance of Corporate Communications


Since the beginning of civilization, the ability to communicate has been regarded as a great gift to mankind. The mediums have changed pretty quickly though, Face to face interactions, letters and even phone calls have now been replaced by E-mails, Social media, instant message applications, you name it! And talking realistically, this transition was so rapid that we did not even realise we are becoming a part of them or rather dependent on them and as a result, underestimating the value of Communication itself in the first place. So what should be done to avoid these situations. Simple- ‘Being very specific about what you want to convey, to whom you want to convey and also being very careful about the way it is being conveyed’.

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi has rightly said- “You can never over-spend in communication”. Be equally proactive in talking to present & prospective clients as well as all the stakeholders, walk an extra mile in understanding what they want, what they expect and how well those expectations can be delivered, prove that you value them and seriously consider any feedbacks, queries or complaints they have because eventually the business is the one which is going to be benefitted if criticism is considered as an opportunity to improve.

An important advantage that comes with proper communication is “Trust”. By maintaining a culture of complete transparency with clients & employees, they tend to trust & understand the decisions that businesses make and are likely to be supportive in tough situations rather than being reactive.

BEWARE- While we have managed to communicate at supersonic speeds, it’s equally important to realise that the same applies to miscommunication as well and the cost of that can be massive along with the risk of losing one’s reputation.
But let’s reverse it, let’s use all those technologies, all those strategies to our advantage and do something which sadly is taking a backseat in today’s money making world- LET’S CONNECT WITH PEOPLE.


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