Grand Logo Designs to Leverage your ‘Identity’


““Interesting things happen when the creative impulse is cultivated with curiosity, freedom and intensity.”-Saul Bass, logo designer

If you have products and services to sell, you can effectively do it only if you add a ‘face’ to your range. As we trust an acquaintance more than any stranger, so your range of solution must have a definite identity to influence your target audience. This is what logos are meant for-they are graphical or creative display of your brand’s core values and goals.

Logos have turned to be a potential weapon of promotion as they are ‘unique’ to your brand and is frequently used to distinguish between what’s yours and what belongs to your competitors.

When it comes to any brand logo design, you have to be diplomatic as you can’t compromise with its value. Logos should be scientifically reasoned and creatively designed, it must be ‘voguish’ as well as ‘vintage’-it shouldn’t lose its flavor with time. It should be trendy that sways your audience’s minds for eras together.

Well, logos are art of reason that allows your brand to function practically, and so it must match its frequency with the reality of your world.

To shopify your ‘range of utility’ you must sort out the best brand logo design for your firm.

Research and experimentation

For any expert brand logo design creator the ‘alpha’ is research about your organization or company and then follows the rest. It is important that the professionals involved in crafting your logo must have a crystal clear idea about your genes and geneology; else it would be difficult to exude your brand tenets and values through it.

The much needed ‘experimentation’ is about the trending brand logo designs in the global portfolio. An analysis of the top brand logos may help you find out more about what’s common. For instance, it’s a plausible find out that more than 90% of top brands have single or two colored themes, and they are easily digestible simple chunks.

Knowing the target audience

Morphing you brand logo design and making it alluring to your audience can only be done if the designer knows their taste and profile. Like, the younger generation adores swanky, uptown design and upscale colors, while the taste of the older generation may be a ‘classic sketch’.

Sui generis design

‘Uniqueness’ is a generic trend in brand logo designs, as it tends to make you stand noticed amongst your competitors. Yet the logo must be ‘future proof’ and not fade away types, and also versatile to suit all channels and applications.

Marketing themes and platforms

Different versions of the brand logo may suit different situations and so it must be aptly worked out. A large logo may not look good in the menu or catalogue of your organization, so its smaller cousin may be used there.

Pros and cons

Overly designed brand logo is confusing and must be avoided. Also, your brand logo design must go good in grayscale too, as it might be the demand at some ‘print’ domains.

It’s a huge challenge to create a logo that is ready to grab attention of millions of customers. Yeah, It needs sheer professionalism, like that of Thotin, to transmute ‘creativity’ into success by designing the most ‘ideal’ logos for your brand.


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