We can set your emotion and action in motion

When it comes to capturing an idea within a time and frame, we can put it on record efficiently and effectively.

As we believe a lot in the power of storytelling, audio-visual is like the ultimate tool in our communication kit. As it involves double the senses, the impact is twice as much too. Film is the blanket term we are using for doing anything with camera or capturing the motion. In fact, most of the time it is not even shot on the film anymore. For social development sector, audio-visuals come as a great boon to its communication capabilities. A picture can explain something that the thousand words cannot. A video can bring authentication and honesty to the fore that even a fat report cannot. Such is the power of the medium. The length and the depth of the coverage can be altered according to the requirement. The films can be made for various purposes and context. It may range from documentaries, Profile films, fundraising shorts, ad films, campaign pitches, project recordings, interviews, testimonials, animations, motion-graphics, training films, etc. Though the initial investment may seem large, but the impact and longevity of the return will far outweigh it.


Bringing a story to life

The story is brought to life, first, when we start to put it in black and white. As like everything else we do, pre-planning is paramount. Literally, we run the film over and over in our mind before getting into the work of actually filming it. We always keep a check on the feasibility and practicality. A great script always proves to be an energy, money and time saver. Again the 7Cs of our communication philosophy are the guiding force for any script we write. 


Lights, Sound and Camera!

We are a bit obsessive about perfection, and we can go lengths to accomplish it. In a good film, you don’t notice a single technical thing. The attention is captivated by the story itself. But, if there is a glitch in the camera movement, sound or lighting, the focus is broken and the attention turns on to itself. Our focus is always to keep the distraction away from a good story. Our strength is in directing to deliver, with minimal of resources. 


We intend on giving you the cutting edge.

It is said that the films are made on the editing table. It is true. Without the cuts the diamonds will not be diamonds. The cuts give the dimension and hence the shine. Analogy stands firmer for films. Hooking and maintaining the interest throughout is vital for good storytelling. Our post-processing techniques are all about sustaining the hook and getting away with the fluff and self-indulgency. We take pride in keeping things simple and relevant. 


Frozen in time

Pictures are powerful, irrespective of being in motion or still. For most of the practical purposes a moving image is all that’s required to support the communication endeavor. In social sector, photography is often the most neglected part despite its immense potential and importance. It’s often carried out in a haphazard manner with complete disregard to its quality and influence on the brand image. In the assignments we undertake, we pay meticulous attention to the emotion, posing (or rather the lack of it), lighting, framing, resolution, branding, etc.


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