Start-up Communications

Start up Communication

We handle with extreme care, while your brand begins life and takes baby steps

We understand how difficult it is to take risks and take the leap toward realising your big idea. During this stage your brand needs utmost attention and care.

First and foremost, congratulations on getting to make your dream a reality! Initial steps require the most courage. Thereafter, it tends to become business as usual and you grow step by step. This is also a crucial time as you’ll be putting in place the foundations on which to build further. Brand identity is one such foundation, which can send a strong signal to your competitors and establish your presence in your audience’s minds. Without the right brand identity, positioning, and voice, even having the greatest product evercannot guarantee a successful break.

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Setting up an unrivalled identity

An unrivalled identity sets you apart from the word go. The uniqueness of your brand identity is not just about the novelty thereof, it is the ability to convey your attributes conceptually. It is also about portraying your true brand personality which are a function of your values and principles. Once the brandname and visual identity and successfully established, your identity can be replicated across all communication verticals.

Finding your space as a new kid on the block

When you begin to establish yourself in the offline and online space, you almost start with a blank slate. in this crowded space, finding your place in the sun, safe and secure from competition, can take time and needs expertise. Speaking in a voice similar to others drowns out your distinction and ensures anonymity. Equally, an excess of differentiation can lead to the audience seeing you as “weird”. . The challenge is thus finding the image that precisely matches your personality, product, and promise.


Evolving and establishing new standards

Your values only shine forth when you are able to bring something new to the table. It is up to you to establish the tone and gravity of your work. When you start from scratch, you will be compared to existing brands, and every promise of yours will be rigourously tested. On the plus side, you do not have any baggage needing to be shed. Your image can therefore be carefully crafted and positioned for a positive reception.

Making new connections and building relationships

As a new brand, your challenge is not limited only to finding customers and communicating with them appropriately. It is also about establishing connections with your supply lines as well as peers and support group. It is thus essential to list all potential audience groups and devise proper connection pathways and touch points. Your brand message must flexibly adapt to various audiences, while conveying your essence intactly.

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