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We make space for all sorts of creative endeavors. In every case, we collaborate deeply to build lasting relationships.

We make space for all sorts of creative endeavors. In every case, we collaborate deeply to build lasting relationships. We come packed with leadership abilities as well as the spirit of a team player. We are pretty quick in grasping the big picture and understand the intricacies. We are equally at ease when working with both the head honchos and humble trainees. We are result oriented and adept at finding the shortest and surest way to success. We are very flexible in our approach and accommodate a great deal of resilience, when under crunch situations and high-octane deadlines. Our adaptive nature lends the following four ways of cooperation. It all depends on your purpose and motivation.

 Project based, a la carte model

These engagements have a clearly articulated scope and defined deliverables. We work side by side with your team to tackle the challenge at hand, while making sure to solve it within the greater context of your organization. The project-based assignments are undertaken with a specific framework and for a pre-determined reward.

 Time Specific Retainer Packages

Retainer relationships create space to push the boundaries of your offering. Whether evolving what you have or building something new, we work as your strategic partners to create long-term impact. Your team and ours become one, working across departments to ensure effective implementation.

 Profit oriented partnerships

If you are a visionary social entrepreneur looking for a chance to truly integrate brand, product/service and business strategy for positive impact, we are willing to be your partner. The sustainable economic model can be tailored to the specifics of each partnership and the needs of the endeavor at hand.

 Purpose bound social ventures

Sometimes our collaborations lead to innovations that are best incubated at THOTIN. Your idea or ours, we work together to assemble visionary teams and funders that will invent, design, develop, pilot, launch, and build capacity for needle-moving ventures. Under our tutelage, an idea is masterfully nurtured to blossom into an impact.

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They have engaged us, benefitted by us and here is what they have to say about us.

Always work beyond the brief, such a breeze to work with THOTIN!

Rakesh Jinsi, SOSCV

THOTIN delivers the promise and more. Delighted!

Rahul Verma, UDAY

Perfection and performance is in their DNA, THOTIN never fails you!

Sanjeev Kumar, NDMA

Known them for long, their accommodative spirit and patience is commendable.

Sushmita Sen, NIOS

THOTIN has adapted their work-style to suit ours. Glad to have them on board!

Anna Ferrer, RDT

Astonished to see them learn so quickly, about our niche subject matter. KUDOS!

Anshu Sharma, SEEDS


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