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“Creativity is hard, but not thinking creatively can be disastrous. It is the connection between information and understanding.”

Creativity is the ‘tendency’ that has turned to be an obsession in advertising. There exists a very thin borderline between understanding and creativity as it’s hard to express anything precisely and artistically without having complete knowledge about it, be it any product or solution. Ever since, the advertising industry moved past the traditional ways of product promotion, in favor of more artistic avenues, the advertising agencies/agency has transmuted into ‘creative agency’. The metamorphosis is the fallout of the success of incorporating the tones of ‘creativity’ in their techniques. At any bona fide creative agency, the executives or the artisans are indulged in grappling the best ways to captivate the minds of the audience. The process of inventing a crisp and green ‘face’ for any brand is a herculean task, so it needs professionals to figure it out. Those creative agents, who work for any creative agency, must be a marketing legend with enlightened minds as well; else the branding and promotion could be a failure.

Opt for the creative agency with high scores

It’s difficult to figure out the best creative agency, but the tactic that works well is to check their online and offline presence. They are the one, who you are ultimately going to rely on for your brand creation and promotion. So you must see how legitimate they are by checking how far they have justified the task for themselves in self-promotion.

Integrated advertising resources

Your marketing messages must be seamlessly integrated-they must have the same ‘tune’ and your brand logo or designs must relate with each other, else it may be misleading. As creativity is a congenial trait so no two distinct entities, with distinct values may come up with matching creative outputs. So the strategy is to go for a creative agency with more than one set of skills covering multiple channels from websites, radio spots and video production.

Digital expertise

Social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Google adsense and mobile apps are new bandwagon of advertising. Digital marketing adds phenomenal competency to your product to be noticed in the cyber world. Any creative agency can’t rule out from its functionality on the social media or digital marketing.

Legendary creativity

Lack of creativity is disastrous, truly said. But creativity lagging in pursuit is again a failure, for your brand promotion. The creative team in a creative agency needs to translate your intentions and values using graphics and typeface. All good creative agencies have legendary evidences of their work, and you must check that thoroughly.

Brand consultants

Every advertising pursuit begins with consulting, so your creative agency must act as a brand consultant for you, even before they enter the first cycle of your brand creation.

The genuine creative agencies, like, Thotin, are those that are well equipped with skills, expertise and experiences to benefit you thoroughly through its creativity and ingenuity. Be wise in opting for the one that is an advertising legend and not just a creative amateur.


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