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Sure, you are doing great work. But you need a right partner to put things in black, white and in perspective.

Creating content is not the matter of choice anymore. In this, perform or perish world, publishing the details of the performance has become a mandatory norm to follow. Content is a very powerful tool and can add depth to your communication arsenal. It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Indeed. It can move people to do great deeds. Moreover, content is not just about the written words. It’s also about the spoken and the unsaid words. Content is a bare-minimum requirement in your communication kit. Even when you are not doing anything for communicating, you still might end up doing just content. Content is so basic and by the virtue of it, the most important. Hence, it must be done the right way.


Build from the scratch or dealing with the stash

We are comfortable doing both. At times, we have been briefed for creating a report by giving nothing to begin with. We had to go on the field collect notes, anecdotes, conduct interviews, glean through other published materials and compile a complete report. In contrast, sometimes, we have also been given loads of content materials to scan through and put across a page of content. We always work with a plan and focused mind and that enables us to produce new content.


Refine and define

We often come across assignments, where our job is that of an editing supervisor. We neither create nor negate, we only realign or remaster the content to serve the context. We make sure there is enough clarity in the messaging and it is crisp and simple to begin with. We also look for inconsistencies in messaging, language and tonality and fix it. We also take it upon ourselves to check if the content is considerate towards its audience, and most importantly not offending in any way.


Say more with lesser, and old with newer means

In those occasions where it is not about what you say, rather about how you say, you may have to employ some creative means to that effect. Or, there may be a purpose to package the regular mundane message into more interesting or new manner to grab attention. To achieve this, one may have to use lateral or metaphorical approach. While doing a content job, this is our favourite part and we kind of do it with ease and finesse. Our background in creative advertising comes into play and completely takes over.


Once upon a time…

Storytelling is an art form. With proper style, even the simplest of the stories can become interesting and fascinating. For social organisations, it is imperative to tell stories in a passionate and moving manner. Mere numbers and cold facts cannot replace the power of a sympathetic humane story. Human beings react and respond to plight of other human beings. Emotionally, a story can influence them to be a better person. Hard, cold facts can never be persuasive enough to replace it, however strong they maybe.


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November 21, 2016

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