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We offer you a destination for both your passion and your compassion

We wish to put together a team that works with us, rather than for us. People who can make our vision theirs, and achieve it.

At THOTIN, you will find a great environment in which to work and prosper. Our friendly and hands-off method of working has invariably produced favorable results. We also encourage a result-oriented approach to the projects rather than being purely process oriented. We are a space wherein continued learning is a matter of routine. We are very accommodative in our day-to-day conduct, as long as it doesn’t affect our work and commitments made to clients. While we work with a light-hearted spirit, we strive to maintain our high standards of quality, and never comrpromise on this. At the same time, we promise a broad-minded and collaborative atmosphere, wherein creativity and freethinking can flourish. THOTIN is also committed to the safety and dignity of all our colleagues, irrespective of gender, race, caste, or sexual orientation. Our strategic location amid the green vistas of Auroville lends our space an air of freshness and positivity. We seek full-time and remote working talent to help us execute our communications commitments.

Full time opportunities – we seek


Designation: Project Manager (PM)

You will need to be the face of THOTIN, interfacing with our clients to gauge their intentions and aspirations, and then come back and translate these so that our team can hit the ground running on the deliverables. You will also need to ensure that this chain of communication is uninterrupted while also being free from any lapses in comprehension, essentially keeping the quality of our productions intact.

You will also be partly involved in the daily maintenance at THOTIN, including but not limited to invoicing, documentation, budgeting, and project timeline planning. You may also be consulted, occasionally, on our business development decisions.

What you must have

  • A degree in Mass Communications, with preferably a Management degree as well
  • At least 3 years of similar experience, preferably in the creative domain
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to present flawlessly
  • A bent for connecting and coordinating with people across experience levels
  • An impeccable understanding of team culture and the development thereof
  • The ability to grasp instinctively business needs and envision trajectories

What we offer

The challenge of shaping a growing business awaits you, and rest assured, the pay will be commensurate.

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Designation: Writers

Individuals who are creative at adapting text to suit a range of products such as websites, reports, and brochures, who love to write, and are self-driven in terms of generating content. Can you serve up a 500-worder without skipping a heartbeat? Then you are the kind of person we want!


What you must have

  • Some formal education – say, a college degree
  • Tons of curiosity
  • A decent vocabulary, but a keenness to learn and expand
  • Some writing experience – could even be a diary or a blog, or school/college reports
  • Having worked as a writer professionally will be a bonus, but we are not too insistent on it!
  • The ability to give gyaan to teammates on any random subject (for brownie points!)

What we offer

Naturally, the financial aspect is proportional to what you bring in, but we hope to keep you happy yet hungry to grow!

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Designation: HTML/PHP developer

Are you up for the challenge of providing a classy web interface not just for us but for our clients, and come with a track record of putting to use sound technical credentials?

Ideally, you should be well-acquainted with industry-wide best practices and web standards and must have some experience in code development, including debugging. If you are the kind who keeps track of new technologies and features on your own accord, that would be a definite bonus.

What you must have

  • 2-5 years of experience, especially in web development
  • Command over such web technologies as CSS, HTML, Javascript, AJAX, etc.
  • Familiarity with various technologies/architectures and environments
  • An innate capacity to diagnose and troubleshoot bugs and other issues
  • The ability to participate as well as lead a team effort in such development

What we offer

A pay package proportional to your potential is assured, as is the chance to interact with folks who have made a significant footprint in the business world. In addition, you get to be part of a team that is as keen on learning as on earning.

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Remote Working Opportunities

Designation: Strategist

Designation: Creative writer

Designation: Illustrator

Designation: Film-maker

Designation: Photographer

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