Candid Canvas


“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

A work of art is truly an adventure of the mind. It’s a pattern defined by sensibility, enthusiasm and above all creativity. Speak about any good piece of art and it recreates your thoughts. Artists are also no less wonders on this earth. They are visionary creatures, who can see beyond what others could see. They deepen the mystery of any existing shape or object by using their imagination.

Artists are receptive to emotions from all themes of nature-from the sky, from the river or from a scrap of paper. So what if they are made to scribble or sketch any shape on canvases. They could portray their own intense mode of individualism on the canvas in the form of artistic shapes. This is what we intend to do through our creative event ‘candid canvas’.

Yes, we want to explore the realms of your creative imaginations!

And, as many artists would be there to display their creative facet, we will have plenty of new ideas swarming up for a given theme.

As you unravel your individuality in your art, the world will get to see some innovative ‘masterpieces’ in our art gallery.


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