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Brand represents values, ideas and personalities. Branding lets you control how you are perceived by the busy mindscape.

Brand is an accumulation of emotional and functional associations. It shapes expectations and carries assurance at the same time. If you are planning for success, it is very important you pay minute attention to the way your brand is perceived by different audiences. Brand identity provides direction, purpose and meaning for a brand. It’s central to the brand’s vision. Brand connects management, funders, employees and beneficiaries and keeps them united. Brand creation must be undertaken with the equal emphasis on internal and external focus. There is great value in expanding the concept of brand, provided the vision is not limited and narrow and the efforts are not tactical at the cost of long-term strategic scope. THOTIN brings this broader perspective to Branding.


Quest for brand identity

Every brand has this innate urge to be unique and distinct. That’s the instinct that you get when you are in a crowded place. Market and mind-space is indeed a very crowded place today. Thus, identity plays a key part. Its not a one off effort, it is a continuous process. It is built over time. It is an aggregation of is an organization’s purpose, personality and promise. Brand identity is a bundle of mental and functional associations.


Positioning in a crowded atmosphere

Positioning is an act of making you stand out and create a niche for your services. An intangible activity, which plays to your strength and makes you occupy a distinctive place in your audiences’ mind. It’s about communicating the points of convergence and clashes with regard to the competition. Positioning again takes a contiguous effort to actively communicate the value proposition.


Credibility is the key for sustenance

Positive brand image usually carries weight with it. It essentially means that the brand will do whatever it promises. We need to build brands that can proudly boast of credibility of highest level. For social brands it’s of utmost importance that people believe what it claims to do. Audience must be adequately communicated with the evidence of change brought in and the help given. In India, with so many NGOs in every nook and corner, credibility is a rare currency.


Social brands need to be inspirational

Social organisations do not have the obligation to sell any product or service; instead they are in the business of changing the world for better. It purposes itself to be helpful, thus the cultivated brand personality must resonate at human level and stand true to its promise. The brand must manifest itself into multitude of stories, which can be retold and shared. It must inspire the individuals, as well as the whole sector to raise standards and do further good.


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November 21, 2016

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