Asian circle Conference Collaterals for Oxfam


Asian circle is a group of U.K. based women of Indian origin working towards empowering women in India through various efforts. They have collaborated with Oxfam India and met various esteemed delegates in India to discuss their work in March 2015. To give the conference guests an idea about the Asian circle members and their work in various domains, Oxfam was looking for brochures to be gives as hand-outs to the guests and tent cards for the dinner tables. The major challenge was that the project had to be completed in just one day.

The color theme was decided considering the Asian circle logo color and was extended to both the brochure and tent card. The brochure consisted of a brief personal and professional profile of all members and a brief write up about Oxfam India and the Asian circle. While the tent card covered the humanitarian areas in which the group works to empower women. The collaterals were very well received by both Oxfam and the Asian circle delegates


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