AIDS Healthcare Foundation Annual Report 2009


The AIDS Health Foundation Report for 2009 showcases work done by the organization during this year especially in the Asia Pacific Region. The report cover has a mnemonic depicting health, healing and hope. This is exactly what AHF provides to its stakeholders. The cover has been done in a deep burgundy hue, keeping in tandem with the red that represents solidarity for AIDS patients. The report has images of beneficiaries smiling, with their children, doing routine things just like normal people do. Bright colors have been used in the report to mark out images as against the white text area.

Knowing that AIDS is a degenerative disease, AHF aims to help the sufferer lead a dignified life with the right medical intervention.

The most important page in the report is the picture collage which showcases AHF’s partners and contributors. There are pie charts and graphs in the report that objectively describe the organization’s achievements. At the bottom of each page is a horizontal, textured band running along with some text message or the other. The AIDS’ Red Ribbon shape has been strategically placed along with these horizontal bands in the same fill. But the distinct shape tells the ribbon apart.


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