We are destined to work together, by design

Our design solutions are meant to give aesthetic relief and artistic appeal to your communication efforts.

Aesthetics is an integral part of whatever we do at THOTIN. Our core ideology is built around the need for beauty in every aspect of life. Design has the power to turn ordinary into extraordinary. It seems to wield magical powers. But in reality design is an intellectual and practical activity. It encompasses the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical manifestation through which observation and experiment is possible. Almost all the communication materials can be aesthetically improved to have an enhanced appeal. Moreover design language is universal; hence it is detached from the constraints of regional, lingual, religious and ideological differences. Our communication plan begins by first visualising the process and the outcome. Our design principle doesn’t hinge on hedonistic pursuits, rather its based on the pragmatic expectations of your audience.


We visualize your need

We begin our work by first conducting a preliminary research on the sector as well as your audience. We also perform a visual audit of your past and present works to understand the trajectory of your brand. We always try to stay on course with the grand communication plan and stick to the designated regime. We understand the need of the project and function to manage the expectations. Our approach is intuitive in nature but our collective experience makes it an informed decision.


Great design has more appeal

We give importance to the look and feel of our product. Design has the power to persuade the viewer towards a culmination point. Design makes a communication readable and in a way makes sense out of the content. Design also acts as a navigator, which helps the viewer sail through the overwhelming waves of content. We consider each of our work as an extension of our client’s brand. Thus, we always adhere to the personality of a brand.


Function over form

Design has more function than being just pretty. We make sure the purpose never gets defeated in the pursuit of perfection. Anyway, the aesthetic standards are very subjective. Thus, we design with a reason. Mere decoration is not our forte and we don’t intend to indulge. Visual pleasure has little significance in the realms of utility, whereas the significance of visual appeal for a mundane work far exceeds the equation.



Minimalism in communication means conveying the message efficiently with as less means as possible. Strip down the process to its most fundamental features. Using only the bare minimum for maximum effect. To achieve this, every component of the communication effort must serve various purposes, both visually and functionally. Minimalism also ensures the maintenance of clarity and conciseness. It also keeps the cost implications low.


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November 21, 2016

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