A Protocol for Biz Promotion-‘Your Ideal Brochure’


“Design works if it’s authentic, inspired, and has a clear point of view. It can’t be simply a collection of input. -Ron Johnson”

Advertising is the strategy employed to get your ball rolling in any business. It’s the means to reinforce consumer trends and not simply get things underway. Business brochures are publications that help in maintaining a continuum in communicating with your targeted customers. As brochures can be frequently distributed amongst your visitors, so it’s dynamic collateral to generate curiosity about your products and services amongst them. Unlike direct mail letter, catalogue or flier it an indirect business approach, and so the user may take it easy and go for a spontaneous overview of its content. Unpredictable, but still it can be said that in the long run your simple visual communication through your ‘engaging’ business brochures’ may stimulate your business growth.

Tailor-made brochures

Thotin puts its best foot forward in carving the finest business brochure design for you based on your individual goals, perspectives and tenets. The business brochure design templates, by default, allows for a brief ‘storytelling’ about your journey so far. As potentially a brochure has more space for content than a flier or catalogue, your chronological progress can be narrated in timeline format, with more graphics, images and summarized write ups. Later, a move to product and service description, highlighting your strengths, could manage to keep user’s interest intact and hence the success of your endorsement.

Replica of your brand in outlook

The business brochure design by Thotin render your endorsement to be a replica of your ‘Brand image’, so that it’s authentic in the making and win the user’s trust in the run. Your official logo is embedded boldly at suitable places. A tagline or slogan at the cover could call for the reader’s interest in your merchandise.

The most authentic business brochure designs are those that do not tune out information for the sake of making it an attractive handout. Trying to buy clients by simply presenting them with a creative handout is like ‘squashing water’ that would yield no result.

Your organization’s high ethics and goals is also a ‘standout’ for most of the potential users, so it is to be creatively planted. Also a brief footnote about your firm’s marketing policies, guarantees, lowest prices and offers and a brief note on your ‘uniqueness’ are taken to be a generic add-on. The motto of Thotin is ultimately to pull your audience by creating the most authentic business brochure designs for you.

Enticing Design and layout

Creativity is the name of the game in producing the finest business brochure designs. Amongst the multitudes only the most attractive art piece can motivate any user to read through your handout. The typeface, color and space utilization needs a bird’s eye view of the artist as your format has to be unique and attractive at the end.


‘Call for action’ by the user is yet another marketing strategy that is aptly done through the varied business brochure. Inviting the user to visit your website, info about discounts or gift coupons could work wonders in establishing new connections.

At Thotin, the best of inputs by the creative minds focus on less busy but more enticing designs, cramming less info to your users. Hence your handout turns into an inspirational one for your users.


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