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Communication is a complex process. As in individual communication, it’s not only about speaking, but also listening. More so, it’s not about spoken words, but the hidden meaning of gestures. Organisations act like organisms at larger scale. It’s not only about broadcasting and disseminating information but also about gathering intel. It’s about diagnosing the pulse of an audience, and understanding their every move. Communication has to be continuous. Conversations have to be established to engage the audience consistently. It has to be done equally with all sections of your audience to not keep anyone in the dark. However good the strategy may be, if the execution is botched up, communication process will yield no results. Sometimes it can even backfire. THOTIN’s solutions are based on our own effective and proven 7Cs of Strategic Communications. These are the determining factors in all our strategy and implementation. If content is king, then context is the all too powerful queen. The remaining Cs are the royal offspring.



Content is everything, there is nothing to communicate if it was not the case. Solid content wins hands down in any contest of communication. Without concrete information, focused communication can never be established. Whatever channel we choose to communicate your cause, our emphasis is always on gathering complete information and presenting it in easy to comprehend non-technical and non-frivolous terms.


Context says what content cannot say blatantly. While communicating for social causes, context plays an even more prominent role. Everything we say must have a larger meaning. The context can explain the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or an idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood. Our exclusive experience in the development sector will be useful in precisely understanding the context and delivering results.



Before venturing into any campaign, it’s indispensable to have complete clarity. One must be clear about the vision and mission. Clarity is also about knowing your audience. If you are clear about your goal and audience, our communication channels can help you convincingly win. Even while crafting the message, we take utmost care in making it simple and great idea. Great ideas would never warrant complex analyses and will be free of assumptions.


What can be said in few words need not be given the courtesy of a speech. Brevity adds credibility to any communication effort. Being concise and brief is not the matter of choice anymore. It’s a necessity. In this day and age, when the media and Internet are so prolific and ubiquitous, by being crisp and clear in your communication, you will do yourself and your audience a great favor.



The message and language must be consistent across all channels. When one looks at the body of work, the overall communication must be coherent and logical. Consistency denotes truth and development sector always needs to be straightforward and honest in their approach. Our comprehensive handling can help you in maintaining the continuity of thought and connecting the dots amongst various outlets of communication.


We believe that the social development sector is special because of the kind of people associated with it. They are compassionate, concerned and caring towards the plight of others less fortunate. Communication for this sector must be considerate and courteous towards the subject and project. The content should remain neutral in its perspective and inclusive in its viewpoint.



Lastly and most importantly, every conversation must have a direction. Otherwise, it’s just fluff and a futile effort. Along with the clarity of vision, every communication endeavor must also have a defined call to action. If an audience was perfectly receptive to your message, but if it did not culminate towards the desired action, it’s a wasted opportunity. Simultaneously, the concerted effort of all the channels should have a point of convergence.

THOTIN Approach

We have a method to our communication madness. Lest, we wouldn’t have become what we are.

When you need a job to be done, you would want it to be done the best way. Casually doing any work is easy and amateurish, but to do anything the right way and repeatedly usually involves hard work, persistence, originality, competence, and that can come only from professionals. THOTIN is known and appreciated for its nuanced approach and professionalism. A typical project in our custody usually goes through the mentioned simple yet rigorous process, before its sees the light of the day.



 We ask questions. A lot of them! It is imperative that we know your purpose inside out and believe in it. We usually begin by knowing your overall objective and the path you have taken till now. We also try to find out the trajectory of the sector and mood of the audience. We do not have any one size fits all communication outfit. After carefully measuring your attributes only, we begin to work on the piece that suits you.



Given the objective and analysis, we plan according to the audience to reach them at a right place and right time. To take the metaphor forward, we tell you how to dress perfectly for the occasion. We suggest you the best way to attract your audience, hold their attention, drive your point across and make an ever-lasting impression. All this while looking kind, down-to-earth and elegant.



How to say is often the difficult part. We take utmost care in drafting and crafting the message. This is the phase where we get to our drawing board and let our creative juices flowing. This is where we are at our best and makes us stand out amongst the horde. As they say, the devil is in the detail, we have mastered to tame them. We pay close attention to make sure the 7Cs of our standard are abundantly met with.



This is where our objective, insight and thot actualize. This is where the ideas take shape. We stitch and arrange multiple pieces together to make a complete communication outfit. We make you try it and check for discrepancies. We alter and remodel – if required – for it to be finally used. We even follow you till the final day appearance. Check, how the audience has received it and gauge your performance as learning for next assignment.

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