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Fundraising is a noble work. We intend to make it as effective as possible and create win-win situations.

Folks in development sector also refer to fundraising as ‘Friendraising’. Indeed, that’s what it is. Every NGO must do it. And do it proudly. Tectonic plates of geopolitics and economics are changing rapidly. Foreign funds are drying up. India is getting prosperous and it’s the responsibility of us fortunate ones to take care of the left behinds. This can only be done in stages; nobody dashes out the check on the first attempt. First, the donor must have repeatedly heard about the NGO. At the second stage, a donor may try to learn about you. If it all sounds genuine, they personally care about the topic; they might decide to support the NGO. Their support will may be financial or otherwise. When they utterly love your cause, they may themselves decide to champion the cause. Thus, fundraising must be done relentlessly and at every opportunity. To facilitate resource mobilisation, we can also help you in creating easy to choose, wide range of products, for the donors to select from.



People give for multiple reasons, ranging from compassion to compulsions. Our job is to ignite their human spirit and motivate them to support you in your mission. We can add value to your efforts through Online, Crowdfunding, Tele-facing and Face-to-Face channels. The idea is not just to acquire new supporters, but also to retain and renew the old ones. Our motive is to engage them qualitatively all year long, through customary packs and other upgrade opportunities.


Fundraising from High Net-worth Individuals is another high potential prospect. The reality is that the richest 1% of the world’s population owns more than rest of the world. We must remind them of their power to change peoples’ lives. Once convinced, they tend to remain more loyal compared to generic fundraising. If you are able to make inroads into their confidence, they may provide valuable references. Might as well give a share out of their legacy too.



Now, with a mandate to direct 2% of corporate spending on Corporate Social Responsibility, the commercial world can contribute towards society’s development in a huge way. We need to deconstruct philanthropy for Corporates, make it easy, accessible, and replicable year after year. Actually, we need to enlighten them that their social contribution makes perfect business sense. They stand to benefit indirectly with their moral high standing. We understand that, as business minds they want to always make their money go further. We grasp the dynamics behind their decisions and prepare you to woo them with sound strategy and “everybody-wins” propositions.


The decisions of International, Institutional and Government Agencies to donate are based on evidence rather than on emotion. For Indian NGOs, right now this segment is the primary and major contributor. Though this pie is growing marginally, the seekers have multiplied exponentially. Thus, the fight has become fierce, and everyone has learned to put their best foot forward. Now, your armory cannot just have proposals, reports and websites. You need to have a multi-channel approach, and we can help you acquire one.


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