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While you are on the ground implementing, our efforts are to provide you as much support as possible.

When you are doing the things that you do the best, recording and reporting it takes a backseat, understandably. But, we are sure you know the paramount importance of it all. You need communication support at every step of your programme delivery. You are mandated to enlighten the beneficiaries and simultaneously apprise your supporters about the progress. Here, when we are all dealing with human emotions, nothing works better than good storytelling. People are interested in qualitative improvement, not just quantitative impressions. We can certainly help you to highlight that humane angle, underline that intimate perspective, and also help you provide that markedly personalized view. If you are to create a report, record a story, archive the study, analyse the impact, publish a paper, enable a local leader, empower a group, equip a trainer, etc. our communication expertise can help a great deal.


All the documents you create in the name of reports, papers, banners, posters, brochures form the image of your brand personality. It is imperative that you never neglect even the smallest of your job in the purview of the programmes. If something had to be done, it should be done the right way, and if it is so unimportant, it should be completely done away with. We can help if it is your habit/mandate/passion/vision to document all your work.


Capacity Building

While trying to carry out your mission, you must have come across many hurdles. By just enhancing the capacity of your beneficiaries or your team, if you can ameliorate the impediments to success, why not do it. Investments made in the capacity building can go a long way and may reap rewards exponentially. Communication as a channel is very efficacious in raising the abilities. There is a plethora of options at our disposal to carry this out.


There are many types of report. The purpose and audience differ for each of them. Some reports are created for self-consumption and benefit of the peers. Some are for the sake of donors and sponsors. Some are purely for legal purposes and are compulsory in nature. While making the reports, experience makes all the difference. The nuances in different kinds of reports are minute and can easily skip an untrained mind. We, having been commissioned many such reports have the skills to see through.



At times, the programme warrants some outright publicity to propagate the message. It can be carried out through pamphlets, banners, wall paintings, street play, advertisement in local media, etc. By publicizing rightly, the message gets across the quickest, compared with other means of communication. After all, that’s why the businesses thrive on advertising. We can help you do it the most cost-effective manner, even employing guerrilla tactics to make an impact.

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